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Sun City Tanning & Swimwear uses only the best professional tanning equipment.
At this time we offer Kansas City 3 Levels of Tanning.

  Our level 1 beds are 32 bulb Wolff beds.
  These beds are what most salons would call "Super Beds".
  Our Level 2 Wolff beds are called Cyber-Domes.

52 Bulb Wolff beds for More Efficient Tanning and fuller coverage. 
The Cyber-Dome is more than a larger bed it's patented system utilizes three types of bulbs to stimulate and darken pigment faster. This means you will achieve a darker longer lasting tan without having to tan as often which saves you time and money.

  Our Level 3 Tanning are 9 minute Booths.

If you are looking for a deeper darker tan in less time this is the tanning machine for you. These 9 minute full coverage stand-up booths use the newest technology in tanning. It is best to alternate between the Cyber-Domes and Stand-Ups. This is the fastest and most efficient way to tan.

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