Can I return swimwear or lingerie that I purchased because I don't like the way it looks or I ordered the wrong size?  

We are sorry to inform you that due to Health regulations swimwear and lingerie cannot be returned or exchanged. 
The reason we want to bring this to your attention is because we can not resell returned merchandise.
We also feel that our customers would not want to purchase merchandise that has been returned.
Please e-mail any questions before you purchase.

What if I ordered a defective suit?

If you receive a item that has a manufactures defect, we will replace it with the same size and style or other item
(same size) of equal value if we are out of stock on original item..

Will oils and lotions damage my suit?

   Yes, oils and lotions will make the elastic in your swimsuit deteriorate.
Is this considered a manufactures defect?
No, All manufactures feel that is abusing the suit. They all recommend using a
good swimsuit cleaner that will remove oils and chlorine.

Will  wearing a swimsuit in a hot tub make it fade?

Yes, It does not matter who makes your suit hot tubs will damage the colors and elastic in your suit. Think of your hot tub as a washing machine with hot water and bleach in it.

Do You Accept Pay Pal?

We do accept pay pal as a form of payment if your order can not be paid by credit card. To pay by paypal you must call us first at
816-468-1515 and we will take your order by phone and give you instructions on where to send the payment.