Melanin is the pigment in your skin.

UVB Light is a short ray that stimulates melanin production

UVA Light is a long ray that darkens melanin.

Below is a quick and simple explanation on how your body tans:

When you go out into the sun UVB light hits your skin and makes melanin produce. As the melanin produces in your skin it makes a layer that catches the UVA light. When the melanin catches the UVA light it darkens and your body tans. Without UVB light your body will not produce as much melanin this means your body will not tan as dark.

Beware of salons that say that their beds emit no harmful rays and will not burn or age your skin. Any bed that produces UVA and or UVB light can burn. That is why you need a more efficient bed not a stronger one.

Low UVB beds or high pressure beds which emit no UVB light  will not allow your body to produce enough melanin to tan properly. When there is a low amount of melanin being produced the UVA light does not have anything to darken.  This does not mean that a bed with high UVB  like 8% bulbs ( some call them 8 point bulbs) or higher is better. High UVB beds will help you produce melanin faster but do not have enough UVA light to darken the melanin properly.
Remember high amounts of UVA or UVB can cause a burn!!

So what's the answer?

Your body needs enough UVB to make melanin produce so the UVA can darken the melanin properly. Our regular beds emit 4.6% UVB and the rest is UVA. These 32 bulb beds are awesome. They will help you to produce a great tan without having to tan every day.

Why does the Cyber-Dome work so much better?

Simple,  regular tanning beds emit UVA and UVB light from the same type of bulb multiplied by 24 , 26 or how ever many bulbs are in the bed. The problem is when the bulbs are filled with gasses to create UVB and UVA light one type of light increases as the other decreases. So the more UVB the bulb has the less UVA and vise versa. That is why high UVB bulbs make you turn red and your tan does not last as long and high UVA bulbs won't allow your body produce enough melanin because of less UVB light.  The Cyber-Dome is a patented system that has divided the UVA and UVB light into three types of bulbs. The Cyber-Dome is the only bed made that does this. That means you will get correct amount of UVB light to stimulate melanin production and enough UVA to darken the melanin just like the sun. That is why the Cyber-Dome gives you a better tan and and is more efficient that other regular tanning beds.

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