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Sun City Swimwear is now posting pictures of girls who have purchased swimwear from our site. 
If you would like to see a vacation, spring break or even a posed picture of yourself, girl friend or wife on our page in a suit from Sun City Swimwear send it in.
We will need some info along with the the pictures you send in to make it a little more interesting.

Please Send us the following info on the model:
Date of Birth:
Home Town:
Location Picture was taken:
Email address to contact the model if she models professionaly:

Formats of Pictures prefered are jpegs or gifs.
Please e-mail Pictures to

Hard copys of pictures can be sent to us but cannot be returned.

Mail Hard copys to:
Sun City Inc.
8233 North Oak Trafficway
Kansas City Missouri 64118

Click here for the Pictures